Wake up and feel better with Sunspice

Your daily dose of essential spices

Herbal Lattes

Gut is filled with spices known to boost digestion and improve circulation.

Feel the power

A zero-caffeine Maca-filled energy boost.

Bold + delicious coffee and tea alternatives

Sunspice is a whole food nutrition and herbal supplement company that offers healthy coffee alternatives. We’re on a mission to help people wake up and feel better.


Health is sexy.

You know it is.

Essential Spices

Enhance your health by improving cellular function, increasing energy, supporting circulation,  and decreasing inflammation.

Prepared like coffee or tea

Most of us love our coffee. We all know it’s not great for us. It’s easier to change a habit when it fits into your routine.

Your new daily ritual

Goodbye coffee. Hello spice. Your detrimental habit has been replaced by a delightful experience.

Say hello to the new sexy you.

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