#10 Ryan Sheffer: Does superwoman wear an apron?

This week Ashley and her husband dive deep into gender roles, the traditional family picture, and how their family strives to find balance between the masculine and feminine within themselves and their family in order to create a balances life, and happy family unit. Talking about the nuance around the nurturing mother, and provider father, and how each role holds a lot of value, but doesn't have to always be the woman in one role, and male in other. It's more important to find the balance of yin and yang, despite the actual sex of the person. The product for this episode is Throat. Feeling confident to express who you are is so important, and the health of your throat plays a big role is expressing out your views and perspectives, especially these days. purchase your Throat at sunspice.co/product/throat If you're looking to find more balance in your life, checkout Travis Eliot as wonderful yoga teacher who's teaching supported me while I was going through serious imbalance in my life. Go to https://traviseliot.com

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