#11 Ryan Sheffer: Overwork and Mental Health

This week on the Sunspice Wisdom Show we dive deep into the world of exhaustion, what causes it, and how to respond to being completely energy depleted. Ryan speaks candidly about his stressful work week, and Ashley shares how she prepares for them when she can sense they are coming. When someone is stressed, there is no doubt that their ability to be in a giving place lessons significantly. When being around those people, finding ways to support them while maintaining healthy emotional boundaries is key. Ryan and Ash talk about what they do to manage times of stress with themselves and with each other in partnership. This episodes theme product is Mind! Don't let your mind dominate your body, dominate your mind. Got to http://sunspice.co/product/mind to order your mind today. For healthy effective tips on how to conquer stress and improve sleep, checkout this article on boosting immunity https://www.sunspice.co/post/conquer-your-stress-and-boost-up-your-immunity

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