#13 Laura Watson: Money Mindset

This week on the Sunspice Wisdom Show we're talking money and manifesting with the Numbers Nomad Laura Watson! This year has brought out a lot of uncomfortable situations, and chatting about money can be an uncomfortable topic for many, while for others can be completely empowering when changing how it's perceived and hoe we relate ourselves to it. Watch the live video here! Follow us on Youtube to watch all of our podcast episodes and be sure to subscribe to get notified when new episodes are up! Thank you to all of my loyal listeners and watchers of this show. This is just the beginning of the Sunspice Journey, and we are so happy you are here in its infant stages. If you're a goddess looking to heal your past and dominate your divine power. Join our private goddess group Expressing your Inner Goddess where we host retreats, classes, and discussions on how to heal, manifest, and concur our inner weaknesses to become our true divine selves. learn the history of the goddess, and what it truly is to embody it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/402188954095595 Sunspice Wisdom takes a deep dive into whole body health and wellness. Hear stories from people who have overcome life changing experiences, and used them as tools for success and badges of honor. Ashley Welch created Sunspice.co a healthy coffee alternative and whole food nutrition and herbal beverage company. Her passion for connecting the emotional aspects of health directly to the physical is the impetus of building Sunspice. To support our podcast, find the right Sunspice product for your body today at http://sunspice.co/shop

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