#15 Sydney Hance: The Power of Touch

This week's talk on the Sunspice Wisdon Show was something special with Goddess Mompreneur Sydney Hance. Both Sydney and Ashley Welch are victims of sexual assault. Both of them were raped as teenagers, and are both on their healing paths from this trauma. The two talked candidly on how Covid-19 has impacted their families, especially Sydney's daughter with special needs. They did not shy away from speaking up about the importance of intimate touch and its impacts on immunity, despite their own traumas. Sydney goes down history lane discussing how past pandemics have been handled verses this one, and the two restate the importance of human connection, and whole body health. This episode's featured product is Throat. There's nothing more impactful than speaking your truth. Order your Throat today at http://sunspice.co/product/throat and receive 10% off your first order when you join the #spicetribe Sydney is a member of Expressing Your Inner Goddess, and is a lover of sunspice.co and Ashley's work in nutrition sciences, natural health, and healing https://www.facebook.com/thesunspicegoddess Join our community of powerful women here https://www.facebook.com/groups/402188954095595. Ashley is excited to be announcing a FREE 5 Day Master Workshop on Waking Up Feminine Power, a path to Healing and Dreaming. Signups are OPEN! https://www.sunspice.co/goddess Sunspice Wisdom takes a deep dive into whole body health and wellness. Hear stories from people who have overcome life changing experiences, and used them as tools for success and badges of honor. Ashley Welch created Sunspice.co a healthy coffee alternative and whole food nutrition and herbal beverage company. Her passion for connecting the emotional aspects of health directly to the physical is the impetus of building Sunspice. To support our podcast, find the right Sunspice product for your body today at http://sunspice.co/shop

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