#6 Ryan Sheffer: We're Trying to have another baby

This weeks episode with Ryan and Ashley in Bed was inspired when Ashley thought she took a positive pregnancy test when it was actually an ovulation test, then lead the two lovers down the road of wanting to conceive a third child and discussing what kinds of lifestyle choices the two make to hopefully bring this desire to life! The two find the current state of the world's fertility a fascinating topic of discussion, and Ryan talks openly about his choice to not engage in masterbation, AKA NoFapping, sharing with viewers how it has positively impacted the couple's intimate relationship. Ashley candidly shares her lack of respect for porn in general stating, "it's too easy"..... The themed product for this episode is POWER! Shop for your Power today at Sunspice.co/product/power Sunspice Wisdom takes a deep dive into whole body health and wellness. Hear stories from people who have overcome life changing experiences, and used them as tools for success and badges of honor. Ashley Welch created Sunspice.co a healthy coffee alternative and whole food nutrition and herbal beverage company. Her passion for connecting the emotional aspects of health directly to the physical is the impetus of building Sunspice. To support our podcast, find the right Sunspice product for your body today at http://sunspice.co/shop

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