#7 Karina Brossman: The Power of Voice

Voice Master and Yoga Instructor Karina Brossman delighted us with her presence and wisdom in finding the power of the voice. This vulnerable place in the body can close off for so many reasons, and Karina has formulated a way to work through those blocks and set your authentic voice free from the unnecessary chains we place on it. Karina has always had a passion for self-expression. From a young age, she was drawn to the performing arts and participated in any theater or singing opportunity she could find. It wasn't until she studied Theater at Cornish College that she realized putting on a great performance went a lot deeper than just memorizing lines and moving around on stage. To be authentic, to be present, to be "in it" as an actor required a commitment from her as a human being to continually journey inwards to uncover her truth. The more this process unfolded in her life, the more Karina was drawn to spiritual practice, which led her to become a yoga teacher. After much spiritual study and diving into somatic based therapy work she became inspired to support others in finding more of their authentic truth. Over the last 8 years she has been leading her Free Your Voice workshops and training programs around the Seattle area. Her most recent manifestation is a healing program called Trinity Transformation Process, which she co-created with her sister Caroline Corcoran, who is a licensed therapist in Venice Beach, California. Karina is dedicated to supporting people in becoming more conscious, honest and healthy human beings. The themed product for today's episode in THROAT. Go to sunspice.co/product/throat to order yours today. First time customers save 10% off when they signup for the #SpiceTribe. Be sure to follow us on IG, FB, and Twitter using our handle: @sunspiceshop Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch each episode here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChiS... And If you have a story you're ready to share, or an expertise that is ready to be expressed, contact ashley@sunspice.co to join us on the podcast from anywhere in the world.

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