#8 Beau Campbell: The Founder of Yogarina

Ballet is one of the most inspiring acts to both witness and experience as a performer. Yoga is the perfect dynamical practice to align your mind body and spirit into balance and harmony. What happens when you put the two together? Professional ballet dancer and yoga instructor Beau Campbell AKA Yogarina tells us how she bridged these two practices together to creative dynamic practice full of fun and release. To sign up for Beau's classed and experience the fun for yourself, go to beaucampbell.com Today's themed Sunspice product is throat. As this product was designed to soothe your center of self expression. The voice is powerful tool that effect our entire body. From what we eat through it, what we say, and how we move it. This tender part of our body is always looking for extra love and care, especially during the colder month. Go to sunspice.co/product/throat to start soothing your today! 10% off your first order when you signup for the #spicetribe Thanks for another great episode!

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