Break Your Coffee Habit. Not The Ritual.

Ryan Sheffer
June 23, 2020

You wake up. Kind of.

You trip over your kid's toy as you hobble your way into the kitchen. You start the pot for hot water and begin to make your morning coffee.

You might even have a favorite meme:

And while most of us assume that it’s strictly the caffeine that’s responsible for the glorious feeling you have after that first cup, it might not be that simple.

Many people believe that your coffee ritual is even more important than the caffeine itself.

This ritual is the routine you go through that takes you from barely awake mess to brilliant human that can change the world.

As we go through the ritual, we’re Pavlovian dogs remembering what it’s like to be a better version of ourselves. Our eyes open up and we’re ready to start the day.

The Coffee Alternative

At Sunspice, we value the ritual of coffee infinitely more than the drink itself. That’s why when we ventured to invent a coffee alternative, we knew it had to fit perfectly into your daily habit. You prepare spice like coffee. It’s bold and smooth like its more acidic counterpart. And both spice and coffee are just as comfy heated up or over ice.

Our goal is to improve your health by helping you get away from coffee, while still maintaining the most important part - the daily ritual.

Spice is made from spices that will improve your gut, not cause it issues. We aim to lessen the shakes and 1pm head-down on table bouts with tiredness even after your fourth cup. Sunspice helps you kickstart your morning with food that is rich in the nutrients you need while you live your most productive life.

And I almost forgot - it definitely still has caffeine. We ground 80mg of caffeine-laden Guayusa leaf into each serving.

If you’ve ever been interested in quitting coffee, I think we have your solution. If you haven’t even considered quitting…maybe you should.

Sunspice creates healthy foods, drinks, and supplements to ensure that you’re pursuing your sexiest self.

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