The Power of Essential Spices

Ashley Sheffer
June 22, 2020

We take spices for granted.

Salt. Pepper. Cinnamon. Garlic.

Many of us love the flavors that spices bring to the table. Few of us give them a second thought. But what if I told you that spices were once so valuable that they established vast empires, and tipped the balance of world power?

Spice is much more than flavor. It has been an essential part of diet and medicine for centuries.

Spices: Nature’s tasty answer to food-borne bacteria

In 1000 BC, humanity had a big issue with its food. The fresh meat that was eaten wasn’t able to be stored. You’d kill an animal and have to eat it all immediately - or - run the risk of having bacteria-filled food days later that resulted in sickness.

People were dying right and left from the food they were consuming. And worse yet - food often had to be thrown away because of the fear that it would cause illness.

Enter the essential spices.

Spices became powerful economic weapons when people began to realize that not only did they stop food from causing illness. They did so while making the food taste better. Not just a little bit better - a lot. We’re talking a blank steak to a perfectly seasoned experience.

Science of Spice

Though the people of 1000 BC didn’t understand the science, they were actively trading spices to protect against Listeria, Salmonella, Shigella, Vibrio, and other food-borne bacteria that we still fight off today.

Microbiologists and food-product developers have conducted laboratory experiments for years that involve challenging numerous food-borne bacteria, fungi, and yeasts with phytochemicals extracted from spice plants. The primary data varies considerably in quality and quantity for different spices, but it is clear that many spices have potent antimicrobial properties. Spices like garlic, onion, allspice, and oregano are some of the most potent. They’ve inhibited or killed every bacterium they were tested on.

More Than Just a Natural preservative

Essential spices don’t just inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. Many serve other functions within the body. Turmeric for example is not only a key ingredient in Curry, it’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory. Cinnamon can help you control your blood sugar. And garlic has a large impact on blood pressure.

Essential Spices Today

Today, most of us have relegated spices to a series of flavors. We have ignored the powerful health benefits from these gifts from Mother Nature. We’ll accept artificial flavors that match what our taste buds expect, and never question what we lost by moving away from what comes from the ground and towards what was built in a laboratory.

At Sunspice, we’re constantly researching the latest studies on the positive impacts of spices. Our aim is to be at the cutting edge of understanding how to combine these powerful foods into delicious treats that help you become your healthiest self. We’ll never use artificial colors or tastes. Our flavors come from the earth and are empowered by the potency of essential spices. We believe in the value of moving people away from the laboratory-built flavor and back towards the power of the earth.


Sunspice creates healthy foods, drinks, and supplements to ensure that you’re pursuing your sexiest self.

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