Health Is Sexy.

Ryan Sheffer
June 23, 2020

Sexy: sexually attractive, appealing

At Sunspice, we believe that health is the sexiest thing on the planet.

By the age of 14 - all I cared about was anything I could define as sexy. If it was sexually attractive or appealing to me, that was my puberty-ridden focus.

I also deeply cared about creating a version of myself that others would find sexy.

What do people find sexy?

We are sexually attracted to individuals we think would create great mates.

And often - the animal in us is defining what makes a great mate around the ability to create healthy offspring and survive even the harshest winter the world throws at us.

Put simply - Health is what we look for in a mate. Health is sexy.

Let’s talk sexy chiseled abs.

The non-alcoholic six pack is an ever-present representation of a sexy man. Why? Is it because 6 is inherently better than 1?

No - it’s because it represents a healthy lifestyle. Some people are certainly built pre-disposed to having or not having a six pack. But overall - if you have that chiseled set of abs, you have it because of lifestyle choices that might hint towards you being a great mate.

Those healthy choices are sexy.

Yes - the result of those choices is visually attractive. But why?

Sexy abs are only as valuable as the health they represent.

Do you have those abs because you wake up every day and do a 7-minute plank challenge? That would ensure that your core is strong and you’re going to be less prone to injury. Do you have those abs because you think long and hard about what you put into your body? Do you supplement what you eat with other nutrients you may need that help you build muscle and stay lean? If you did that, your likelihood of life-threatening disease would be much lower.

Sexy abs = health.

Even if we never think about it, we all value health. Nearly everything we think of as sexy - is programmed into us because it represents the person’s potential for being a fantastic mate and/or partner.

Health is not only the sexiest thing in the world, it might be the only thing that is truly sexy.

Sunspice creates healthy foods, drinks, and supplements to ensure that you’re pursuing your sexiest self.

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