How To Quit Coffee For Good — A Step By Step Plan

Ashley Sheffer
June 22, 2020

Step 1. Make the Decision.

So often we say we’re going to do something, but don’t actually mean it. You have to decide to do this for yourself, for your body, for your future. The best quote I recently heard was “Act like everyone is watching when they aren’t” Meaning, do it for yourself! Be great, feel great, and kick ass for yourself. The bonus is that it will impact others who are around you, but this is for YOU.

Step 2. The Ween

You can cold turkey it if you’d prefer, but I strongly suggest doing a quick three day ween. Especially if you drink more than one cup per day.

Day 1.

Cut your intake in half. For example If you drink two cups per day, make them two Half cups. Ore You can do Your morning cup, and then choose a coffee alternative for your second energy kick.

Early Evening: Consume an extra 24oz of water with added electrolytes. You’ll be thankful on Day 2.

Day 2.

Cut your Intake in half again. So you’ll be down to 1/2 cup if you drank a full cup on the first day.

Drink another 24oz of water with the added electrolytes twice. Once in the morning after your coffee, once in the  early evening. You may consume a serving of your coffee alternative of choice in the afternoon if needed.

Day 3.

Goodbye Coffee. Drink two servings  24oz electrolyte waters, and coffee alternative as needed.  

Natural Pain Remedies:

  • Consume Cinnamon Tea
  • Eat Mustard
  • Use Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Pull out the ice packs
  • Take hot baths
  • Try GUT

Step 3. Find Your Replacement

Half of your dependance to your coffee, was the ritual behind it. Find a coffee alternative that you love! It may be a tea, or a herbal supplement that works. Make that your new ritual. One that feeds your body, and gives you clean energy that it wants.  

Here are a few products we’ve found to work for keeping energy levels up while boosting overall health at the same time.

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